US declares NKorea a terror sponsor; new sanctions expected

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  1. We have this same thing always pushed in my face my childs fine just becoz he manages at school walking through those doors at home time i can tell just by his face what kinda night we are in for i have noticed things just taking him in. speach and language did an assesment at school yet again fine so i decided to video record at home to take to the pead who was convinced he had asd from the 1st visit so for telling people for months put my son in a different setting you will see how he reacts i showed the pead the videos and how bad things really were and his anxiety and she was totaly shocked from the 1st visit with pead he would cry hiding under tables screaming with his hands on his ears the fire alarm that went off in clinic it was giving him a headache the lights hurt his eyes he wouldnt interact with her nd no eye contact so she phoned speach and language and said to have an appointment out of school in clinic lone behold he reacted the same way he did with the pead and she was shocked how much he cant cope with change he sat in the corner with his nose in the wall and wouldnt entertain toys hiding under chairs the speach lady has agreed and a new report to be done she told me some children on the spectrum manage really well with structure and routine nd thats the case for my boy he holds it in at school until hes at a comfortable place for him to release it so found out after all im not going mad and have done the right thing for my boy keep battling on as its no easy ride but eventually people will listen if you stand your ground.

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